Altyazıları Yüksek Sesle Oku 

Video-Diyalog Serisi'nin

Amerikan Adaptasyonu 

Read Subtitles Aloud

10 Kasım 2020'de Amerika'da

yayınlanmaya başlıyor. 

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Read Subtitles Aloud 

Video-Dialogue Series'

American Adaptation

based on

Altyazıları Yüksek Sesle Oku

will start in the US

on November 10th, 2020.

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Read Subtitles Aloud is a part of @bloomsburypublishing's new book "Theater Of Lockdown" by Barbara Fuchs.

"...the series hovers between Pirandellian metadramatic games and theatrical autofiction as it creates the constant illusion of dialogue—a voice on screen meeting one off-screen, a pre-recorded voice meeting one that is live. ... the larger ideological stakes of the piece, underscoring the imbalance of power between an English-speaking center and its peripheries. Here, the tables are turned, and the usual function of subtitles—to supply our linguistic insufficiency—insistently recalled by its absence."

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A Trans History Sung, 

Onur Karaoğlu & Kübra Uzun'un

dijital performansı

2 Aralık 2020'de

Volksbühne Berlin'in

dijital sezonu Next Waves'te!

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A Trans History Sung,

a digital performance

by Onur Karaoğlu and Kübra Uzun

will be released by

Volksbühne Berlin

as a part of Next Waves Theater

on December 2nd, 2020!

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