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Dünyaya Düşen Son Uydu / The Last Satellite Falling On Earth

İki Kanallı Video Yerleştirmesi / Two Channel Video Installation



Pozitif Alan / Positive Space 

Küratör / Curated by Alper Turan

Operation Room, Istanbul

Aralık 2018 - Şubat 2019

December 2018 - February 2019

Proje Asistanı / Project Assistant:

Selçuk Eren Kale

Performans / Performers: 

Aren Fındık

Banu Fotocan

Fatih Gençkal

Ezgi Esma Kürklü

Teşekkürler / Thanks:

Kathryn Hamilton Karaoğlu

Yusuf Huysal

Okan Urun

Mert Aytaç

An actor in an independent theater company in Istanbul gets the news that he is HIV positive. He is due to act in a new play that evening, but calls the theater to tell them that he cannot, without explaining exactly why. While the theater group tries to resolve the situation, persuade him to play his part, the audience arrive and the play begins.


Inspired by the unfilmed movie script with the same name this video work puts the audience in the middle of a series of fights in a little cotton covered black room resembling dark rooms of the queer culture. 

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